Facts and Judgments I. Accusation and defense According to Inter IKER Inc., it obtained trademarks “IKEA” and IKEA, and the figurative trade mark along with the registered trademark in Chinese “宜家”, respectively, for the Chinese commodity category and international commodity category as well as services, with the approval of the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 1983. Outside of China, the Company has registered the trademarks “IKEA” and IKEA and the figurative trademark for many commodities and services in 90 nations and regions including the United States, Great Britain, Canada, France and Hong Kong. However, when the Company was about to register its domain name on China’s Internet using its own trademark “IKEA”, it found that the defendant had already registered a domain name “itea.com.cn”. It can be easily seen by comparing the Company’s registered trademark “IKEA” with the third-level domain name “ikea” registered earlier by the defendant that their pronunciations, appearances, letter orders and naming way used by customers are all exactly similar. Therefore, the domain name registered earlier by the defendant is a flagrant fraudulent copy of the original trademark used by the Company for many years. The Company’s trademark “IKEA” is a […] 阅读更多