Beijing ShengFeng Law Firm advises on and implements intellectual property (“IP”) management, monetization, and protection strategies for multinational companies which have valuable portfolios of IP assets. We have a highly-recognized team of intellectual property practitioners who have advised clients on many critical IP-related matters in China.

If you seek a depth of Chinese experience combined with an international perspective, our legal experts stand ready to help.

  • IP Legal

Doing business in China presents unique challenges and firms which want to leverage their IP assets recognize the value of effective legal counsel in their commercial dealings, especially in today’s fast-growing Chinese economy. Our IP Legal Practice advises clients on all aspects of commercial IP, from developing IP portfolio management strategies to conducting IP due diligence activities to the drafting of commercial licensing agreements. By working closely with our Patent, Trademark, and IP Litigation Practices, our IP Legal Practice can provide our clients with comprehensive legal solutions to meet their IP legal needs in today’s China.

  • IP Litigation

Sam & Partners has significant experience representing multinational and domestic corporations in intellectual property litigation throughout China. The types of disputes which we have handled range from the judicial review of administrative decisions for the conferring of patents and trademarks to civil litigation concerning disputes over patents, trademarks, copyrights (including software), domain names, and trade secrets. The highly skilled and experienced attorneys in our Intellectual Property Litigation Practice have obtained successful results in many cases of varying scope and complexity. Members of our IP Litigation Practice work closely with other Practices within King & Wood’s Intellectual Property Group so that we can bring to bear all these resources so as to maximize opportunities for our clients’ success.

  • Patents

Today’s successful companies require a sophisticated, global approach to patent protection. Sam & Partners is in a unique position to provide clients with high quality patent services in China and abroad. Our patent attorneys and agents have worked with global firms, and regularly cooperate with patent counsels from around the world to create comprehensive and integrated protection schemes.

Our Expertise include:

  1. Preparing & Prosecuting Patent Applications (Inventions, Utility Models and Designs), and
  2. Patent Reexamination & Invalidation Services, and
  3. Pursuing Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions in Court, and
  4. Advising on Patent Validity & Patent Infringement, and
  5. Enforcing Patent Rights through Judicial & Administrative Channels, and
  6. Enforcing Patent Rights through Customs, and
  7. Providing Patent Search & Watch Services, and
  8. Patent Annuity Management, and
  9. Patent Portfolio Management, and
  10. Advising on Strategies for Patent Protection, and
  11. Advising on Patent Issues Arising in Commercial Transactions.
  • Software Copyright Registration In China

One of the best ways for software authors to protect their work in China is to register it with the Chinese  Copyright Office. Registration is easy and cheap. For the significant benefits copyright provides, it’s one of the great insurance deals of all time.

when applying to register software copyright, the main certificates and documentation required shall be:

  1. a certificate of personal identification in the case of an application by an individual or a certificate of legal person status in the case of an application by a unit;
  2. the written agreement, if a written agreement on title to copyright has been concluded in the case of the various types of software referred to;
  3. a letter of approval or authorization from the original copyright holder, if the said copyright holder’s approval or authorization is required in a case where another party’s software is used to produce revised or composite software;
  4. documentation of copyright title inheritance or assignment if the inheritor or assignee of copyright title applies for registration.

Sam & Partners is the biggest agency in helping foreign copyright holder to register their software copyright in China. If you need our help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Trademarks

The Trademark Practice at Beijing Sheng Feng Law Firm consists of highly qualified practitioners with extensive experience in domestic and international trademark and copyright affairs. Our team assists in strategic planning for brand protection, trademark & copyright prosecution, trademark and copyright portfolio management, enforcement of trademark rights & copyrights, and anti-unfair competition actions. Our lawyers are committed to providing comprehensive and results-oriented legal advice to ensure the best protection of our clients’ trademark rights and copyrights.

Our Expertise

  1. Advising on Strategies for Trademark & Copyright Protection
  2. Managing Trademark & Copyright Portfolios
  3. Providing Trademark Searches & Watch Services
  4. Prosecuting Trademark Applications & Copyright Registrations
  5. Undertaking Trademark Opposition Procedures, Reviews on Refusal & Cancellations
  6. Pursuing Review of Administrative Decisions in Court
  7. Conducting Market and Company Investigations & Due Diligence
  8. Enforcing Trademark Rights & Copyrights through Administrative & Judicial Channels
  9. Enforcing Trademark Rights via Customs
  10. Advising on Trademark & Copyright-related Issues Arising in Commercial Transactions including Licensing & Franchising
  11. Handling Domain Name Registrations & Dispute Resolution
  12. Other Trademark & Copyright-related Matters.