Provides Legal Training for Telstra Sensis Media China

Instructed by Telstra Sensis Media China, Mr Justin Yu of Sam & Partners conducted a 2-hour legal training session for the staff of Telstra Sensis Media China Beijing Head Office on August 5, 2009 at the conference room (9/f) of China Electronics Plaza. Under the full cooperation of the staff, the training session was successfully held. As the training session ended, Mr Ray Du, Director of Human Resources Department of Telstra Sensis Media China, presented Mr Justin Yu with a certificate for honourable internal trainer (number 001) on behalf of the company. Telstra Sensis Media China is a leading professional internet company with Telstra Australia being its strategic shareholder. The company is divided into two branches: Information Technology and Cars. Towards the end of 2008, four leading vertical websites – IT168, PCPOP, AUTOHOME and CHE168, merged to form Telstra Sensis Media China. Its mission is to be the leader in the IT and cars internet information service market in China. 阅读更多

Mr Justin Yu took part in the 2009 Policy and Law Forum of China Electronic Commerce and gave Expert Opinion

Mr Justin Yu took part in the 2009 Policy and Law Forum of China Electronic Commerce and gave Expert Opinion On April 27, 2009, Mr Justin Yu of Sam & Partners took part in the 2009 Policy and Law Forum of China Electronic Commerce jointly organized by the Policy and Law Committee of China Electronic Commerce Association and Alibaba Group, and gave his expertise opinion on this matter. The following topics were included in this forum:- 1. Overseas Electronic Commerce Laws, including its status, legislative principle, developmental process, supervision and experience 2. Legal issues, cases and examples related to Electronic Commerce Laws including:- * Scope of services and liability of third party trading platform * Legal status and operating rules of third party payment platform * Tax revenue of electronic commerce * Commercial registration of the subject of electronic commerce trading * Legal protection on business data and personal data 3. Implementation of the main legislations in Electronic Commerce Laws in China 4. Brief analysis of China Electronic Commerce Laws and problems related to it. Guests who attended this forum included Professor Liu Deliang of School of Humanities and Economics of BUPT, Mr Justin Yu of Sam & Partners, Mr Liu Pinxin of Renmin University of China Law School, Professor Chen Jian of China University of Political Science and Law, […] 阅读更多

Mr Justin Yu appointed as Expert of the Internet Society of China

The inauguration ceremony of the blog study group of the Policy and Resource Committee of the Internet Society of China (“ISC”) was held on August 2, 2006. The establishment of the Committee was supported by Madam Hu Qiheng, President of ISC, Huang Chengqing, the Secretary General of ISC, Yang Junzuo and Mao Wei, the Standing Board Members of ISC. Mr Justin Yu of our firm attended this inauguration ceremony and was appointed as a committee member of the Policy and Resource Committee. 阅读更多

Cooperation intention

In the 21st century, enterprises are trading and carrying on business in countries all over the world. In order to fully and efficiently protect the clients’ interest, it is important for trademark and patent agents to have a comprehensive cross-border network which could enable them to provide to their clients an all-round protection scheme. In view of this, our firm has been continuously and ambitiously seeking possible cooperation projects with other trademark and patent agents worldwide. Meanwhile, our firm is an experienced trademark and patent agent and hence a trustworthy partner in respect of intellectual property legal issues in China. The following characteristics of our firm have put us at an advantageous position to handle trademark and patent related matters including registration, dispute resolution etc.: The Beijing court has the exclusive jurisdiction of all trademark administrative litigations and patent administrative litigations arise in China. Being a law firm situated in Beijing, we enjoy the geographical advantage in handling these cases. Our firm has been dealing with trademark and patent business for a long time. We have a professional and an experienced working team specialized in trademark and patent. Through out the years, we have established an exclusive and second to […] 阅读更多

Mr Justin Yu participated in and presented at the 2007 “Software Sharing International Forum”

Upon invitation, Mr Justin Yu participated in the China Software Sharing International Forum Summit on Oct 27, 2007. Mr Yu delivered a presentation on “Legal Issues concerning Authors of Software Sharing” that morning and participated in the roundtable conference on “Values of Software Sharing Forum (International Version)” in the afternoon. In the forum, TENCENT did an exclusive interview with Mr Yu about the legal issues arising from software sharing. Below is the link to Mr Yu’s presentation on “Legal Issues concerning Authors of Software Sharing”: 阅读更多

Participating in Investment in Germany Legal Practice Seminar organized by the Beijing Lawyers Association

On Nov 7, 2008, the Beijing Lawyers Association invited young solicitors in Beijing to take part in the Legal Practice Seminar about Investment in Germany. Upon invitation, Mr Qi  of our firm participated in this seminar. The theme of this seminar was about the legal issues encountered by Chinese-funded enterprise in the process of acquisition, establishment and operation of companies and listing, including intellectual property issues faced by Chinese-funded enterprise in European Exhibitions. The seminar also covered solutions to these legal issues. Based on his extensive experience in the civil and commercial practice and intellectual property rights field, Mr Qi offered his legal opinion on how a Chinese-funded enterprise could protect its intellectual property rights when cooperating and participating in joint-management with a German company. His opinion is widely approved by other members at the seminar. 阅读更多

Mr Justin Yu Took Part in the China Software Development Summit and Gave a Speech

Mr Justin Yu Took Part in the China Software Development Summit and Gave a Speech The China Software Development Summit held in Shuyang began on Dec 27 2008. The summit was organized in view of the impact on information technology industry brought by the global financial crisis. The theme of this summit was “Harmonious Innovation, Win-Win Strategy with Openness”. It served as a reflection and conclusion of the software industry in 2008; a discussion on the trend of software development in 2009. This summit is very important in the eyes of the relevant departments. A lot of renowned guests attended the event, including Madam Gao Sumei, Deputy Inspector of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Sun Yilin, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Finance of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, Mr Hu Kunshan, Board Chairman and Secretary General of the China Software Industry Association, Zhu Yun, Deputy Secretary General of the China Software Industry Association, Mr Ni Guangnan from the Academic Divisions of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and leaders from the governments of Jiangsu Province and Shuyang. Other guests include Mr Feng Xin, CEO of, Mr Mao Yiding, Vice President of Rising, Mr Dai Zhikang, CEO of Comsenz Inc., Mr Cai Wensheng, […] 阅读更多

Internet Intellectual Property Rights Judicial Protection Seminar Begins

Internet Intellectual Property Rights Judicial Protection Seminar Begins On April 25, 2007, Mr Justin Yu took part in the “Internet Intellectual Property Rights Judicial Protection Seminar” jointly organized by the Beijing Intellectual Property and Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court at the Court’s roundtable conference room. Leaders of the Beijing Higher People’s Court, Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court, Beijing Intellectual Property, National Copyright Administration and Internet Society of China also attended this seminar. At the seminar, the leaders had an enthusiastic discussion about specific questions related to the deliberation of internet intellectual property rights cases. Mr Yu of Beijing Sam & Partners made a speech at the seminar. 阅读更多

We Provides Legal Training for Maxthon

Mr Justin Yu of Beijing Sam & Partners is appointed by Maxthon to provide a brand new series of legal training sessions to all higher level and senior staff at Maxthon. At the training sessions, Mr Yu explained the legal knowledge and case precedents related to high-tech enterprise, particularly software enterprise and internet enterprise, with patience. Towards the latter part of the training sessions, Mr Yu and the staff at Maxthon had an interactive discussion about the legal issues the staff encountered at work and achieved pleasing results. Maxthon is the developer of the world renowned Maxthon Browser. It is a classic high-tech software enterprise. 阅读更多

Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

First overseas IPR case won by Chinese brand Friday,April 24,2009 Posted: 16:51 BJT(0851 GMT)    Article type:Redistributed MUNICH, Germany, April 23 (Xinhua) — When the Bavarian Supreme Court ordered a German company to stop pirating the logo and trademarks of the century-old Chinese “Wangzhihe” brand, it took the judge a mere five minutes to read the ruling. But as a major trade player which has entered the World Trade Organization for over 7 years, the first win by a time-honored brand in defending its intellectual property rights overseas came a bit too late. The victory may significantly help other Chinese companies defend their rights also as they compete in international markets. The trademark infringement case concerning the “Wangzhihe” brand is merely the tip of an iceberg involving the pirating of Chinese trademarks abroad, a fact overshadowed by Western media reports about intellectual property rights violations in China. The British daily Financial Times on Wednesday reported on its front page that two individuals have registered at least 60 renowned Chinese trademarks in Canada. “Chinese companies are falling victim to trademark pirates abroad,” the newspaper said. According to China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC), there have been more than 2,000 […] 阅读更多